• man please

    by  • April 17, 2010 • Breaking Up, Knock it Off, The Ex • 0 Comments

    what makes you think, that i have time an energy to waste hating on you, come on please live in truth, if when we had moderate clean dealings, why all of a sudden it’s just war with words come on you know me better, when people get angry with you are the two stop communicating it’s like you’ve totally forgot what attracted you to that person,let go of your status post anger my life wasn’t given by you and my life can’t be taken away by you, if you live for Jesus stop being a part time Christian saying one thing then doing something else in your valued time, stop half stepping and just be true to who you are you waste your post about who hate my enemies man they must be on your mind, put more of your time into the Lord, because i have totally moved on from you , and in closing if you can’t handle being rejected stop rejecting true people who you are blessed to have around, me a hater your enemy man please! there was life before me and there is life after me so focus on the positive i am no longer in your circle and you should happy be now act like it and man up. hater thank you and man please.

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