• In the Now.

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    Why is it such a struggle to be happy?  We are born with happiness.  Sure, we cry when we’re hungry, or need attention, or need to be changed…but from the mother’s womb we are innately happy beings.

    The most fascinating concept for me is that we choose to be miserable.  At first I was going to say “choose to be happy”…but that isn’t it.  If we are innately happy creatures then we would most certainly choose to be miserable.  It is an effort to be happy, granted, when there are so many miserable things surrounding us but that doesn’t mean we need to be unhappy. 

    There have been so many days with I have sat in sunny weather and good health wallowing in my own pity.  Or I have been anxiety ridden with the happiness I felt because if things are “too good” surely the other shoe will drop. 

    Just as an infant does not understand the concept of time, so does happiness.  The infant is completely in the “now” and cries with hunger, not knowing that food is on its way; cries with fear, not knowing that mama is around the corner; cries with discomfort, not knowing that a clean, diaper and soft powder is minutes from application.  The happiness in us can be felt if we simply are in the “now”.  This, of course, does not apply if you are experiencing a devastating loss…since grieving is a necessary process of healing.  However, the process of being in the “now” allows us to focus on the growing children in front of us, the health that we have (because even if you are suffering an illness, you are alive), the air that fills our lungs, the inside, the outside, the love… 

     This is a reminder to ME…that I need to be in the now.  I need to breathe.  I need to appreciate.  I need to act.  I need to be grateful.  I am.  Now.

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