• praying for obliviousness!

    by  • April 15, 2010 • Breaking Up, Friends, Love - Pure and Simple, The Ex • 0 Comments

    Some days I wish that obliviousness would over take my past! I want to be able to think of just one thing at a time. focus focus ahh ! you wont leave my head ! I wish I could have just been introduced to you today, so that all of our past went away. I feel so guilty for wanting to still have you as a friend! I want the life I have and not the life I dreamt that could have been! because there is a line of reality in dreams and you never seemed to want to cross that line. I want to make it so that my dream never appears again because you cant live with the what could have been, you have to focus on what really happened! I don’t know if you get what I am trying to say but I just want to stop thinking of you every day. There was a reason why GOD didn’t match us up and it frustrates me to know that I will never know why! but I have to find a way to lock up those memories and say god bye to them! I can love you as a friend that is all my heart has left to give but I cant ever say goodbye knowing that if you were ever to die you wouldn’t ever know how much I once loved you. You told me that I didn’t know what love is and you were probably right, but I do know and to me love is…. When you can honestly say there isn’t a thing you wouldn’t take back doing with that person, that all the times you got mad at them you still wanted be able to talk to them and it would make you sick to your stomach if you couldn’t tell them that you were sorry. When you have no conditions for that person, regardless of their actions or beliefs. LOVE IS WHAT YOU MAKE LOVE OUT TO BE! That is what love is ! REMEMBER IT TAKES ONLY ONE TO DREAM, BUT IT TAKES TWO TO MAKE LOVE HAPPEN !


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