• Mama Had a Baby and Her Head Popped Off

    by  • April 15, 2010 • Job • 0 Comments

    Today I thought my head was just gonna plumb pop off.

    Like a beloved Barbie doll who has been dragged around the playground I am finding my head on the verge of dislodging.  Soon it will pop high into the sky only to be left in some sandbox that cats have been using as a lavatory.

    My body will be dragged away and when the realization that the head is missing, the child will shed a tear and drop the doll.  I mean, it’s missing a head.  It’s pretty much useless.  Heads rank as pretty important in my book, and I’m assuming others as well.

    Wow.  I’m rambling.  My head is still swollen and throbbing and now a little anxiety-ridden after the long monologue of said head loss.

    My point is…my job SUCKS.  It sucks to the nth degree.  It sucks like Lindsay Lohan with a cocaine lollipop.  It sucks like finding your spouse in bed with your sister…and your mother….and your dog.  It sucks like a badly written vampire book (that means it sucks in more ways than one). 

    I have dreams of simply walking out on this place.  But like the idiot that I am, I don’t.  Some stupid semblance of responsiblity.  Some stupid.  Stupid.

    My job sucks and so do I.

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