• Things I’ll Never Ask…

    by  • April 14, 2010 • Cheating, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple • 1 Comment

    I’ll never ask what happened… why you suddenly lost interest

    I’ll never ask why you keep reeling me back in when I have almost broken free

    I’ll never ask why you begged me to come be with you and when I finally said I would you never mentioned it again

    I’ll never ask what I mean to you

    I’ll never ask if this is all just a game, something to boost your ego

    I’ll never ask if you really mean anything you have ever said, I don’t want to know the truth

    I’ll never ask why me, when you could obviously play this game with anyone, you are so beautiful

    I’ll never ask if you feel guilty

    I’ll never ask about your wife, your child

    I’ll never tell you that I love you. That I’d walk away from my husband in a minute for you. That I have lost myself in you, I don’t know who I am anymore. I’ll never tell, I don’t know if you’d care…

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    1. Sarah
      May 3, 2016 at 8:11 am

      Don’t go there. He’s married.

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