• WARNING: You have let yourself fade

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    Dear you,
    I’m bored. you let yourself fade from my mind. And sadly I dont care I am just like whatever. I dont really even like you. You dont give me butterflies your reasonable to look at but I need more for there to be an attraction. So yeah it was fun while it lasted that cute little two days of your constant attention. but then you got weird and started ignoring me, I wave you turn a cheek and pretend not to see. Um can you say weird. But now I am bored with you because you are being strange and letting me forget your touch. Maybe you are bored as well or maybe your trying to be a sly fox and play games, but i dont really care for the games unless their fun and/or I am the one playing them. So next time you pop by we will have fun, but until then you let my attention drift from you and my eyes are taking in what else I can play with. Later darling 🙂
    The bored one

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