• a letter to you

    by  • April 7, 2010 • Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, The Ex, To You • 0 Comments

    I just wanted to tell you that even though all this time has passed, I still love you.  No, I don’t believe its fair. And no I don’t believe its right!!!  Yes I have a boyfriend. And once again, its not you. I understand that what you and I had, will no longer be. I also understand that you never want me back. But for some odd reason I’m still holding on to you. Why? You may ask yourself. And the answer to that, is something I would like to know aswell. This gent treats me great. He hasn’t disappointed me in anyway. But my heart won’t open up to him completly. He deserves to be cared for the same way he cares for me. Next to him I feel safe. I feel special. I feel like nothing could go wrong. Next to you I feel annoyed. I feel cheated on. I feel hurt, disappointed, destroyed. I feel like everything and anything can go wrong but we will get out of it alive. My friends ask me..”What does he have that the new one doesn’t” and I don’t answer that. I don’t answer not because I don’t know the answer to that but because the answer is that. You have me. You have my heart my being my soul. You are everything that matters to me. But unfortunately I’m just a ghost in the past. A year 3 months and 21 days later, you still mean the world to me. I don’t understand why. But you are in my heart. And you will remain there, until my heart burns. And even then, the ashes will whisper your name as they flow through the wind. I loved you back then, I love you right now, n I’ll love you forever.


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