• the best dad ever

    by  • April 6, 2010 • Parents • 0 Comments

    There is a girl I see waiting for her bus every day. She’s probably about 16. Her dad gets up every morning to accompany her to the bus stop, and waits with her until the bus arrives. They don’t hug or kiss  or anything. He lifts his coffee in her direction, and she smiles. He waits until the bus pulls away and he walks back to their house. I would have killed my dad if he ever did that. How embarrassing. And yet when this dad waits with his daughter, I think it’s the sweetest thing in the world. He cares so much for her. And she clearly loves him back and doesn’t mind his being there. He makes sure she gets to school safely and on-time every day. He gets up early every day to see his baby off. It blows me away. It fascinates me. I feel such a love for the two of them. And they have no idea.

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