• not good enough

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    Dear Tator,

    You are supposed to be my mother..hug me, love me…I am an adult now. I have my own family, but I have never been good enough for you. I am not as pretty or as thin as my sisters. I know you think I ruined your life because you got pregnant with me and “had” to get married. You are so critical of me…but in the past couple of yrs you have outdone yourself. You have schemed and lied and caused everyone to think things about me and about my husband that are not true. You have turned my own son against me. You took the side of my ex-husband and made up things that were so untrue. How could you even think that things were ok between you and me? How dare you even speak to me?? You are a bitch, and I just want to tell you to fuck off. You are a fake Christian, but you hide behind that…so that ppl think you are so wonderful. I hate you. You are an awful person. You have treated me like I am beneath you. I will never forgive you. I am such a better person than you. I am a better parent, a better person, a better woman. Kiss my ass, Jane!


    The Rainmaker

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