• Am i over reacting or can i be pissed off?

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    Hmm so i am alittle pissed at the moment and feel as if i am over reacting. I am also hella fucking confused. I dont let people in easy i never trust and as you put it once i am an uptight bitch (but of cousre  you don’t remeber you never remeber the shitty things you say).  Are you another guy who’s goal is to conqure me. Crush my shell and feel like you have accomplished the impossible.(little hint its not too hard you just have to give me time)Are you another of the ones who want sex sex sex (if thats the case you wont get it from me it took you that long to get a kiss, i mean really?) you have been a dushe in the past and i dont forgive easily but i was stupid and i thought maybe you are being to harsh hes kinda apologizeing hes trying. All the guys at your frat said you were an ass. But according to you, you quit that frat because they were the asses. Ha funny beacuse everyone i talk to even your so called friends tell me you are a dushe and validate me in not trusting you and they say you were kicked out and didn’t quit. So many people tell me these things and when you are drinking i beleive the true you comes out the guy who is all about the me and only cares about the him. I dont have time for this shit. But what really makes me feel foolish is that i hung out with you today. You seemed so nice opened doors(which was beyond weird for me) and i started to loosen up and let you in. Then we started drinking and went to the party and you ignored me. i sat alone surrounded by people i had never met and tryed to be friendly. as you ignored me but i dont care i dont need all of the attention from a guy but then you left to see a friend you hadn’t seen in a while and i sat there thinking, girl are you stupid. look at yourself you are a half an hour from you room at 2 in the morning in a room of people you just met because the only person you know left you. why did you even consider letting him in. For now on i’m going to be that uptight bitch! And i took that evening walk home i am getting to use to. Funny that one guy i am unsure about is looking pretty nice because even if like you he just wanted one thing at least he refused to let me walk home alone at night, So these icy vains won’t thaugh and i will remain an upthight bitch because i dont care and no guy is worth feeling stupid for espeacially if i have to conveince myself i can like him!!

    -I have ice in my veins what of it!?

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