• To Mr. Eli Wallach, Sexy Beast

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    Hi Mr Wallach,

    I saw you in a movie tonight.  Sir, you are very, very old. There is not a spot on your person that isn’t proof of every year you’ve been on this earth.

    Sitting in that theatre, when the camera opened up to you I actually jumped out of my seat a little and clapped my hands together.  I turned to my girlfriend and, giggling like a schoolgirl said, “Eli Wallach!  I love him!”

    I flashed back to an old black and white movie that was being shown on some random cable television channel.  Usually I would see the color palette of a movie, or lack thereof, and move on by…but you caught my eye.  It was “Babydoll” and you played an Italian with an eye for Karl Malden’s young wife.

    I was mesmerized watching you.  Sitting in a dark room illuminated only by the black and white images before me I could swear I’d fallen in love.  I wondered what would have happened if I had met you then.  Were we just born at the wrong time with decades between us?

    I admitted my crush to my friends, who literally laughed me out of the workplace.  They brought up The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and The Godfather and questioned my sanity.

    I didn’t care what any body said.  The movie Babydoll had cinched the deal.  I’d fallen for an old B-list movie star.

    What I saw in that film is what nobody else saw, you were a talented and dead sexy leading man.  Sadly, the studio couldn’t see past your height or your odd looks…but if they could have…wowee.

    So, you’re still out there…and you’re still that guy from Babydoll.  Eli Wallach, you old, old man…You are sexy.

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    1. T
      March 8, 2012 at 2:56 pm

      Just saw this for the first time and he definitely could get the business. I know understand animal magnetism…



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