• Cheating husband and back stabbing best friend

    by  • April 2, 2010 • Breaking Up, Cheating, Friends, Marriage • 2 Comments

    I thought you loved me? but you lied! You cheated on me whith my  best friend! And to her she can kissmy ass! I dont need you! Your no friend to me cause if you were your wouldnt have done this to me! I came to you when I said I thought he was cheating and it turns out you were the one he was cheating on me with! I spent many nights at your house crying askin you what I did wrong and askin you if you thought he was cheating! I shoukd have seen right through you! I want to ask you this did you even think about how i would feel! You little whore if i ever see you out in public imma kick your ass im tellin you now! You have hurt me alot and no one is going to disrespect me like that and just think everythings going to be ok! Stop calling me! Nothing you have to say will ever change the way I feel about you! You stabbed me in the back then had the nerve to lie to my face when I saw it with my own two eyes! Then you decided you felt so bad you would call me and lie to me again! Whatever I dont ever want to speak to you again! We had been friends since we were in elementrey school and your going to do me this way! I’m not as mad as I am upset that you would do me this way! I loved you girl you were like the big sister I never had! but you just threw all that away! Over some guy! My husband! I would have taken a bullet for you but it seems like to me youd be the one on the other side of the gun shooting me! We have kids together did you think about them!!?? What am i going to tell them when they get older the reason why im not with their dad anymore cuz their aunt brittany couldnt keep my humbands dick from out between her legs! that you didnt once think about how they would feel! And chris I want a divororce I want out of this relationship and ill see you in court over custody of our kids you sorry piece of shit! And when the kids ask where their daddy is imma tell them in aunt brittanys pussy! too busy worrying about getting him some when he should be worrying about his kids at home and his wife! but that doesnt matter to you does it??? You are no longer a part of our lives! Goodbye and i hope her old stank ass pussy was worth it!!! oh and id go get checked if i were you! for stds and shit like that! she was hooker for like three years! ewwwwww you nasty ass! bet I was better than her!!!! mine aint been in and out of as much as hers! I’m not no whore like she is! Fuck both of you and you two can kiss mine and my babys asses goodbye!!!!!

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    1. Betrayed, too
      April 3, 2010 at 10:41 am

      That is a brutal story. The only advice I can give you is that living well is the best revenge! Live well!

    2. Sarah
      May 3, 2016 at 8:13 am

      Yeah, brutal…

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