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    I am me. I am that little goof quietly looking on. The constant  obsever at times too quiet and at times too loud. I read too much and its always bizarre. I am an artist through and though I draw and paint and write the bizzare. death and sureal freakish possibilties exist in my art. But dosent it stick in your mind like super glue? You wonder dont you? And thats always my point to make everyone wonder. even if its wondering if I should be commited and given a little padded room as Rihanna put it “i’m crazy house with my white jacket on” .

    I think too much and am a hard one to get to know. But once I know you I am loyal to the death. But the reverse is true I am vendictive as fuck if you break my trust or piss me off I may never foregive and I will always be waiting for my revenge. I am self conciouse and never feel like I am perfect enough but I am getting over that. I am an independant I don’t need people but I enjoy them when they come around. I can either stay in and do nothing and be totally and completely perdictable or go out and tare the night apart and be soo spontaneous. I’m like whatever.

    I am not political, because I flip flop between sides they both have good points, but I like the news and documentaries. I want to learn russian german and french. I love Victor hugo and lewis carroll and kafka. I am me. I love fashion and will be a great designer one day, there is no if about it people will wear my name. I am crazy and my bestie knows too much about how weird and goofy I am. But he will never judge because he is even more out there than me. I can be sluttyish when drunk but never follow through with any thing. I am a tease to the highest degree and a flirt I play with them hard core because I haven’t found that guy who I want badly enough. Plus its just fun to play with them like mice.

    I want love but hate it. I am a cynic and an optimist. I am too mature and too niave. I am just me. Take me for what I am, what can I say.

    The little goof

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    1. sister in the world
      April 3, 2010 at 10:45 am

      You sound like a pretty cool cat. Good luck to you!

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