• Grow up.

    by  • March 31, 2010 • Knock it Off • 0 Comments

    Ok, I’ve got to say it. You are 18 and soon will be off to college living a well-pampered life.

    Possibly, just maybe, your voice can grow up with you.

    I’m thinking a 6′ tall person shouldn’t have a baby voice any more.  Or, more appropriately, maybe you could cut out the baby voice when your family happens to be around.  Don’t think we haven’t noticed when the “money-givers” are away you suddenly become an assertive bass instead of a 4 year old innocent kindly requesting a lollipop made made of gold.

    It’s irritating.

    Oh, and pick up your feet when you walk.  The shuffling is driving me crazy. Even when my back is turned I can tell when you’ve walked into the room with your shuffle-shuffle-shuffle.  It’s the walk of an old man with Parkinson’s disease.

    Let’s even out your physical age differences.  To your voice – grow up.  To your feet – grow down.

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