• Changes

    by  • March 31, 2010 • Breaking Up, Lost Love, The Ex • 0 Comments

    When I met you I changed. No longer could I be alone. No longer could I be happy with just myself. My life became about us.

    Apparently, this did not happen to you. We embraced your issues, your needs, your wants. There was always a blind focus on one person – you.

    For a while, that was OK. Love conquers all, right?

    Don’t believe it.

    Slowly, the pattern emerged – the pattern of you, first, last, always. We broke up. We got back. We broke. We patched. I lost count, until finally, I looked at my life.

    I was miserable.

    Again, I had changed. Being with you was not acceptable.

    Today, you contacted me. Did my response surprise you? I know you were not happy. But like I said, I have changed.

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