• The truth

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    The Truth Started 9.7.07 Ended10.4.07

    I don’t hate you, but I never loved you either.
    Love and hate are such strong emotions, and I can honestly say I have not loved someone yet. I hope that I will never have to say that I hate someone with a passion.
    The truth is that I don’t understand a lot of things about you.
    You said you loved me when I don’t think you know how love feels.
    You made all the plans that weren’t worth making. And I just sat back
    and didn’t say anything.
    You wanted everything I didn’t
    You wanted a lover, but I wanted a relationship.
    You wanted a happy ending, but I wanted to continue my story.
    You wanted things now, but I wanted them later.

    Now I know so much about you, and so much has changed.
    That day when you broke up with me, I was not sad.
    My heart did not break into two and not a single tear fell.
    Because your not worth it.
    Your not worth my tears.
    Your not worth my time.
    Your not worth my effort.
    Your not worth my thoughts.
    You make me realize this everyday more and more.

    So the next time that you see me, don’t act like you didn’t do anything wrong.
    Don’t look at the ground till you pass me.
    Just act like I’m any other girl.
    Because to me your just another boy who goes to CSUN.

    This is the truth.
    You can’t tell me I’m wrong, and you can’t argue your side.
    Its how I feel, and you can’t change that.

    You just have to face that.

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