• Dear fat America,

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    Let me just start by saying, I need to lose a few pounds. And by a few, I mean 35. Seriously. Not 35 to look like Lindsey Lohan. More like 35 to look like Serena Williams… which is a good thing. Healthy is GOOD. That’s the point.

    America is FAT. FAT is unhealthy. I know processed foods are a poor choice. As are sugary foods. But I’m surprised by how many people count pizza sauce as a vegetable and pizza crust as a bread. Since when did we listen to mass media or the government to tell us what foods are healthy? I didn’t agree with the FDA food pyramid when I was in FIRST GRADE. Even then I understood the value of a vegetable. I might love pizza, but I know that it’s not the healthiest food choice.

    Let’s give a shit about our bodies. Let’s love ourselves enough to eat something that grew out of the ground, or was fed something that was grown out of the ground. We, as consumers, have the power, as a whole, to demand better from the companies that provide us with food. Support your local companies that provide organic or naturally grown foods for you and your family.

    Protect the most amazing gift you have been given – YOU. Honestly. I hate flowery, and I’m not a hippy. I drink, and I think cigars are God’s gife to mankind (and yes, I’m female). But… I think we too easily coast through life, allowing others to make decisions for us. Take responsiblity for your lives people! Stand up for yourselves…believe you are worth the effort to live a long, healthy life.

    Honestly and sincerly,
    A (Hopeful Healthy) Food Lover

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