• dear exbest friend i hate that i miss our good times

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    I hate that i miss our old good times we had the best outrages crazy fun. But more than that i hate you. You know i have no fear of the word hate and it is completely appropriate in this situation. We confifed in one another i trusted you and was loyal to you and you were no where near that to me. I hate that i invested so much in you. I was there when you were crying over your ex or one of the many you had slept with who had treated you like crap. I was there and didn’t judge when you were a complete goof. I partied with youu when no one else would. I sat down stairs awkwardly at parties waiting for you to be done with the guys when people told me i should just leave you. I kept my pact and never left you at a party. I feel like i am devoting a novel to you but there is so much to get out. You didn’t keep that pact with me! when i was upset over a guy you said i was stupid and you had no time for me. You told me you were only my friend ot of pity one night and left me alone at a party on halloween night to walk home alone in skimpy langerie and then locked me out of the room. But we made up apologies were given. I continued to be loyal. I gave up a really great guy i have been crushing on forever because you saw him first but when a guy i liked liked you more it was ok for you to get with him because he just wasn’t into me and i should get over myself. you are a bitch! you continued to only be my friend when it was conveient to you. Then when i was fighting with my mom one of the most important people in my life you said i should get over it. then when i cryed you told me i was pathetic and that why guys didn’t like me, no one wanted to be my friend they were my friends because i was your friend, and i was soo fat and unbeilably ugly. You know its funny because i recall that you are an 8 wilst i am a 2 in pant size. But some how even after our fight where i told you how much of a whore you were we still powered though and were fiends and now you act like i dont exist. This only hurts beacuse i realize you make me look like a fool i and i am a proud and vendictive person who holds grudges but i put that aside for friendship and now i look like a fool. So i hate you and Hate is not too powerful a word.

    The fool

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