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    I don’t own a dog. I don’t dislike them, in fact, I like most dogs so long as they don’t try to bite me. Jumping up, slobbering on me, barking. I can handle all that….but PULEEZE! Pooping on my lawn? No way. Not okay, not even a little bit okay. Now I understand that my beautiful, green grass looks perfect for squatting and doing your business but this is the part where your OWNER comes in. Yes, comes in and scoops it into a bag they are carrying. And they carry it away so I never even have an inkling that you did that on MY lawn.

    So, please talk to your Owner and ask them to do the right thing. SCOOP YOUR POOP!

    If I lawnmow over one more pile, I swear, I’m gonna scoop it and throw it on your house.

    Dogdoo shoes

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