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    Dear one night stand,

    I know you didn’t really know me or owe me anything. But you took off the condom without telling because you 10 minutes of pleasure was more important than my emotions. I didn’t tell you I got pregnant; reading the results of the pregnancy test was the worst few seconds of my life..

    Do you realize the pain you caused me? Do you have any idea how hard
    it was to tell my mom who was sick at the time that I was pregnant? Do you know how hard it was to tell my dad that his little girl got knocked up when he knew she wasn’t in a relationship?

    I thought about sending you a message saying that I knew you took the condom off and lie and say I had an STD, so for a few seconds you could experience the anger, worry and pain that I felt. I never sent it because I knew you would call me a slut, and I couldn’t bear to hear that at the time.

    Ultimately I decided to get an abortion, I didn’t have any money, or
    an education and I’m not ruining my life or a child’s because of your selfishness. I never want kids which is why I was trying to protect myself. But I realize I will live with that decision that you forced me to make for the rest of my life, and it won’t be easy.

    But I do want to thank you for making me realize that life can change in a moment so enjoy what you have when you have it. And I also realized I was having sex with a lot different people because I was insecure. Since this happened I have not had a one night stand and nor do I intend too.

    Remember what goes around comes around. My guess is if you pulled off the condom with me you’ve probably done it to other girls and next time you might not be so lucky maybe she will have an STD, and get pregnant and keep the baby, hello child support payments! The funny thing is you’re the one I feel sorry for.

    The girl you met at a bar

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    1. Chelsea
      November 19, 2010 at 5:27 pm

      I’m so sorry that happened to you! What an asshole! Most guys are such dicks! they’re not men, or even guys, but little boys who are super immature and like to mess with girls’ feelings. There’s a man out there who thinks you’re his dream girl and you will live happily ever after. I promise 🙂

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