• Home Wrecker

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    My friend found out he had a highly aggresive form of prostate cancer. The doctors radiated him, so that he could not function sexually. They gave him medicines that reduced his testosterone. To keep his levels down, his wife refused him any sexual contact. He felt imprisoned. He felt emasculated.

    Few knew his plight. In his misery, he reached out, and he found another woman. You fixated on this. You talked. Finally, you called his wife to say, simply enough, you were worried about the nature of his relationship with another woman. Now he still faces his the cancer. But he has no girlfriend, and he barely has a wife.

    I will tell you what I suspect. I suspect you wanted him to want you. And you could not handle what played out. You felt spurned. Jealousy gripped you. You wanted payback. So you acted. You called his wife. You harmed him, but you crushed his wife. She is a total wreck.

    So when you talk again about home wreckers, remember that you are one of them.

    Justice will come for you some day, and when it does, it will be a phone call – to your husband.

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