• For You

    by  • March 15, 2010 • The Ex, To You • 0 Comments

    You are probably embarrassed by your behavior. You are disappointed, angry, and ashamed. But in very few words, you destroyed our relationship.

    And what is killing you now, is that the whole thing would have been fixed.

    It was an everyday problem, but you acted like a child. You threw a tantrum. And now your problem fixer is gone.

    In your antics, took you to a place I simply will not go.

    In the end it was good that this episode happened.

    You are too sensitive.

    Your issues are too big.

    You are too immature to handle everyday problems.

    You need a father.

    You need a banker.

    You need a mechanic.

    You need a carpenter.

    You need a psychatrist.

    And guess what? I will be none of those things for you.

    In my efforts to love you, I wish I could have accepted you for all your shortcomings, I did not.

    That was not fair to you, and I apologize.

    I understand now that your needs are simply too great; your expectations are too great, your emotional wounds too great your experience too limited – for me to ever work as your husband.

    But was it too much for you to consider my needs, my wants, or my experience?

    And now that it is over, must you stoop to taking sides? Must you actively seek to turn others against me?

    I mean, WHAT did I do other than try to love you?

    Is this some kind of competition now? To see who will chose you?

    Are you THAT angry? Do you feel THAT unworthy?

    My love has turned to pity. I feel so sorry for you.

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