• thank you, Otis

    by  • March 13, 2010 • To Everybody, Yearning • 0 Comments

    You made me cry today. Maybe it’s because my kids are at a function that I’m not invited to. Maybe it’s because I’m so far removed from the reality of my situation that your voice kicked me right in the gut. Maybe it’s cuz of the everpresent pain in my stomach but when you sang “These arms of mine they are lonely” I felt every pain your beautiful voice summoned. The tears rolled down my face and I did not wipe them away. I needed to let them soak in. I needed to feel that pain you, so easily, bring forth. You have been dead for over 40 years but you were speaking to me loud and clear today. I wonder if I will ever feel it again. I wonder if I will ever hear you again. Please know that I heard you on this lonely Saturday night and I am grateful. Please know that I want , so badly, to do something about it but right now, I don’t know what. “Looks like, nothing’s gonna change” I wish I was the one singing.

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