• Resentment

    by  • March 12, 2010 • Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    I give people a hard time, I have no problem admitting that. What I DO
    have difficulty with is explaining why. Why I can’t look you straight
    in the eye. Why I always seem to have an attitude. Why I always seem
    to be so damn critical. I can’t explain, just WHY it’s so damn awkward
    between us now.
    Well, I am. I decided to tell you (via this blog) that the reason for
    me being so resentful is that I love you. “Lucky I’m in love with my
    best friend”. According to this song, you would think that it was a
    good thing. Well it’s not. The resentment comes in because I cannot
    tell you that I love. And, and, and on top of that, I have no clue
    about how you feel about me. Ahhh, the cherry on top.
    I give you a hard time because I have to pretend like everything is
    peachy f-ing keen. Speechless. I hope that one day everything will
    work out. My resentment will escape, freeing me. More importantly, I
    hope you won’t/don’t resentment for resenting you.

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