• All the Things I Can’t Say

    by  • March 12, 2010 • Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    Dear Boy,

    I like you so much. But I feel I lack a backbone when I’m with you. I
    love spending time with you, I require your affection. But our day
    nears, we can’t be together anymore. I’ve said it time after time,
    but, I always relapse, and I’m in your arms again, laughing
    hysterically while you tickle me and kiss my cheeks. Boy, I need to
    leave you. I need to tell you how your refusal to be exclusively mine
    and your suspected, no confirmed at least once promiscuity hurts me.
    It makes me sad. I don’t care about the sex so much. Sex can be so
    impersonal these days. But the thought of you sharing your emotions
    and laughs and thoughts with other feminine beings kills my heart.
    Most days I’m fine, but some days are worse than others. Boy, I can’t
    cry another tear over you. I can’t spare another thought. I have to
    make you understand we just can’t be. Us two perfectly compatible
    beings who breathe in sync. My heart won’t hurt for long boy, I
    believe God makes more than one person for us in life. You just
    happened to be the first one I found. Boy. Sweet Boy. Live life, love
    without fear, and if you must remember me, let it only be in fondness
    and familiarity. If anything else, forget me, forget my face, but
    remember my touch.

    Love Always,
    Sweet Girl

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