• The Ex

    by  • March 11, 2010 • The Ex • 0 Comments

    It’s weird to write to you or about you. I spend time trying not to
    think about you. Trying not to look at each black car that drives past
    me, wondering if it’s you driving it. I wonder if you are telling the
    same lies to the new girl…trying to impress her and win her over by
    buying flowers for her, flattering her, being fakey kind to her kids,
    etc. It shouldn’t matter to me, I know that. I know I’m better off
    without you. I’m sure. But it’s still weird to live my life without
    you. I was used to you and what we did. You filled up a space in my
    life. Maybe you filled it up with some bad stuff, but it worked most
    of the time. I see now that I’m meant to be with someone who really
    fits with me. I just have to figure out what that means. I’m not ready
    for that yet. I’m just going to spend some more time with me so I can
    make a better choice the next time. And yes, this time I’m going to do
    the choosing, not the other way around.

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