• Strike three

    by  • March 9, 2010 • The Ex • 1 Comment

    You conniving, sanctimonoius cunt. You malicious bitch. You have the
    moral capacity of Hitler’s missing testicle. I understand how
    embarrassing it must have been to unravel in court in front of your
    posse but the judge saw thru your lies and conjecture and put you in
    your place. So your next step is to deny me my greatest joy, coaching
    my kids, and in doing so, involving the little league that I had the
    utmost standing, forcing me to step down with your fabricated slander.
    You have stolen mermories from your own children and deepened the
    wedge of our seperation. Every thought I’ll have of you will be
    tainted with the stench of vomit from your eating disorder.
    I understand the need to temper my urge to split your head open with a
    stable shovel so I will wait for karmic retribution, hopefully a
    painful, lingering cancer without the aid of oxycodin. That should
    help you with your weight problem.
    I also realize the degree of contempt I hold for you will ultimately
    land me in hell but my solace will be witnessing the devil straddling
    your face, shitting in your mouth while ejaculating nuclear waste in
    your eyes

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    1. Cheryle
      September 6, 2010 at 7:06 am

      That is awesome! I wish I could’ve spit those words in my ex husband and ex sister in laws face for doing the same thing to me. My suggestion is NOT to assume ignoring it will make it go away. Every time she is in contempt, take her back to court. I refused to acknowledge them, thinking I was taking the high road. All I did was allow all the little (and big) lies accumulate in my kids’ heads. They were repeated so many times, they ended up believing them…and now they won’t have anything to do with me. Now, at 18 and 19, when I should be enjoying the them, my family is gone. And I did all the work educationally, financially, emotionally….it’s devastating. It has eaten me up physically and emotionally. But he did get his. The rat bastard overdosed and died. The only problem is that he turned them against me, and then pulled his last act of unavailability. So, now they have no parents in their eyes. His poison toward me ultimately destroyed them. He is definitely sucking the devils cock.

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