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    You made me look forward to something every day. You make me look
    forward to a future with you. You make me look forward to the next
    time i see you face. You make me look forward to all the fun we are
    going to have growing old together. Age has never favored us, but
    we’ve always been able to look past it. You are the best half me. I
    know everything about you, and you know everything about me.

    We have a unique friendship and relationship that will last a
    lifetime. And i want to spend this lifetime with you. In the real
    letters i write to you i always want to say P.S I LOVE YOU at the end
    but i know we came to a conclusion we dont want a relationship at this
    point in our life, but life’s to short to pause a love like ours.
    Please tell me you love me too. I love you doesn’t even seem good
    enough, and i am not totally sure of the meaning of love, But i do
    know i can’t live without you and i need you in my life till the end.
    Your the best.


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