• Lost Love

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    Dear You,

    I wouldn’t be getting upset if I didn’t take you seriously. But I get
    upset with me, you and us all the time. I try to think of me and you
    happily but it hurts. I really liked you. I wanted to spend everyday
    with you. You were my first real relationship. I know you warned me
    and I understand that not every relationship lasts forever nor do they
    turn out the way I would like them to. But when you gave me hope that
    we would last, I couldn’t help myself. I tried to be the person you
    love but really the whole time you knew that I wasn’t going to be him.
    The part that hurts the most is that I really tried my hardest.
    Really. But you knew the whole time. So did so many other people. They
    even warned me themselves. I decided not to listen to them and keep
    trying. So in the end, I know it is my fault for growing close to you
    but its only because you gave me hope. I think about you everyday and,
    to be real, I could see us together later in life. But never just as
    friends. You should look me up once we’ve grown up a little bit and
    you’re done messing around.


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