• i still think about you

    by  • March 7, 2010 • The Ex • 0 Comments

    i shouldn’t, i know. you were a dirtbag and a whore. you probably still are a dirtbag and are probably doing the same dirtbag maneuvers on your wife. i don’t know why i feel like this. i’m curious why i didn’t ever truly tell you off. i’m mad at myself for never getting mad at you. i fantasize about calling up your wife and telling her all about you. i have all the proof that she could ever need. you celebrated your anniversary with her and she was gushing about how wonderful you are…but at the same time you were sleeping with me. your penis will probably rot off. i’m ok with that. in fact, i hope that i get to hear about it when it happens. by the way, there isn’t much to rot – just as a side note.

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