• Sister…in LAW.

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    Dear S.I.L.,
    I’ve never cared much for you…WHERE WERE YOUR
    MANNERS?? Oh, that’s right, your mom’s an ignoramus and has an IQ of
    75, just like you, so I shouldn’t be surprised that you were never
    exposed to them, or, if you WERE, then you weren’t smart enough to
    pick up on that little life lesson.
    Not sure what my bro ever saw in you, except that he had a dream
    about you…a “vision” if you will. Last time I checked, that was NOT
    a reason to marry someone! But he did, and we’ve had the luxury of
    getting acquainted with all of your quirks. Like the one about your
    sense of entitlement…that’s probably my favorite one of all. It’s
    like you think you were born into royalty or something. Sometimes it’s
    comical, but most of the time, it’s fucking annoying!! Speaking of
    annoying, why don’t you work? Oh, that’s right. It’s that sense of
    entitlement thing. You’re too good for that. You’re setting a lovely
    example for your children, aren’t ya? How special that they may grow up
    to be just like you! (Hopefully, most of my brother’s DNA is
    I would never say any of this to your face for obvious reasons…it’s
    really mean. But it sure feels good to get it out!!!
    There will be more…

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