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    by  • March 4, 2010 • One Night Stand • 1 Comment

    Dear Hook-up,

    I never, ever thought about you until two weeks ago. Sure, we’d say
    hi, but I don’t even remember our conversations, although I know we
    had a few about two years ago. And then, that night happened and I
    started thinking about you a lot.

    Okay, so I haven’t seen you. Which seems unusual although I honestly
    can’t remember if I used to see you around or not. I wasn’t paying
    much attention.

    And I know that the way this is supposed to work is that you leave in
    the morning and then we go back to being acquaintances, but I just
    feel like if I’ve spent more than, say, a few moments with you naked,
    we’ve become more than that.

    Damn female hormones. Damn this biological attachment I, of course,
    have to feel for you when you can just go spreading your seed and
    whatever venereal diseases to whom you chose without consequence.

    But the thing is, Hook-up, that now I’m thinking about you. And I wish
    that you’d just, I don’t know, send a friendly little Facebook note or
    just find me and say “Hi.” Because as much as I don’t know you, as
    little as we’ve spoken, as much as I never thought about you before,
    the fact is that I think about you every day now. And I’m wishing you
    were there to see. Even just a little bit.

    There, I said it. God damn these lady hormones.

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    1. I hear you
      March 5, 2010 at 9:22 am

      Wow…I read this post and I totally could have written the same one. People probably think I wrote this but I didn’t. Anyway, I feel your pain sister! Best advice I got from a friend: guard your heart. Don’t let one night stands fuck with it. You are worth so much more! Unfortunately most girls can’t just hook up with no emotion. But would we really want to be guys? I think not.

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