• dwindling tolerance

    by  • March 4, 2010 • Friends, Knock it Off • 0 Comments

    dear lovely roomie,
    ok we’re firnds and all but seriosuly the tv does NOT always need to
    be on and fuck maybe you should go study outside the room when you
    wait till 2 am to study and still have the light and tv on…. im
    losing patience. the tv will not help you remember what ever it is
    youre trying to study. if i was an awful person i would get out of bed
    right now and turn the tv off. when i always turn it off while youre
    not there dont you think thats a hint? i cant remeber the last time i
    sat and studied at my desk because the tv is blarring in my ear to the
    point wherei cant hear my own music. ill be damned i you get better
    grades after studying with that tv on at 2 am instead of in a quiet
    study lounge so your room mate can sleep at a normal hour! haaaa and
    when you said its easier to get up after going to bed late i wanted to
    shoot myself.

    so please turn off Family Matter re-runs soni can sleep.

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