• Dear Heart’s I’ve Broken,

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    I am writing this letter to defend a young woman who has been
    continuously falsely accused of “breaking hearts for sport”. Please
    know that my intentions were always pure, as I never meant to hurt any
    of you. You have called me heartless, cruel, and selfish, but I
    absolutely refuse to feel guilty about breaking up with someone when I
    know I’m not in love.

    Yes, at first, I’ll admit that I always think I’ve found the one; you
    were all good looking, driven, smart, caring, funny, came from nice
    families, and treated me like a princess. I instantly fell
    head-over-heals, and started day dreaming about what a future would be
    like with all of you. Once a point of familiarity is reached, and we
    are almost too comfortable with each other, that’s when our negative
    character traits begin to emerge. Soon, we are fighting, and I call it

    Is it my fault that at one time in our relationship, (when we were
    happy, that is), that I actually thought I was in love, and actually
    believed that I would be with you forever? Is it so wrong for me to
    change my mind about you? Should I include a disclaimer warning you
    that I may break you heart, and to “love me at your own risk”? Why am
    I thought to be so unorthodox just because I am a woman who can’t cry
    when I’ve just ended a relationship? Why can’t both parties celebrate
    the art of the breakup, as it is a blessing to have come to the
    conclusion that this is not your soul mate. Why don’t we thank God for
    breakups! Why are we not thankful that we didn’t waste our time with
    someone who is wrong for us! I refuse to be guilted into thinking that
    I am a bad person for leading you to believe that I actually love you
    just because at one point, I actually thought I did.

    The bottom line is that I’m just trying to find my one and only just
    like everyone else. I see nothing wrong in dating as many men as I can
    until I’ve found him. And if you are one of the unlucky ones whose
    heart I break in my search for love, then I apologize. To the man
    that’s out there waiting for me– please be patient, I’ve still got a
    lot of frogs to kiss before I find you.


    you’re favorite heart breaker

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