• What I Should’ve Said to You

    by  • March 3, 2010 • Karma, The Ex • 0 Comments

    7 months later, I still think about you everyday. You make my heart
    hurt. You pop into my head when I least expect it, and every single
    time I feel so unprepared for the feelings that come back to me. I
    shouldn’t think of you at all, I should hate you for what you did and
    how you left me. I should realize that there is someone better out
    there for me, and not be stuck on the fact that no matter who I meet,
    he will never be you. I should see you for what you are, and stop
    ignoring all the things you aren’t. You’re pathetic, and a liar, and
    you will never be the person I thought you were. It makes me sick to
    think about you and her. You make me sick. You left me for her…and
    still had the nerve to come back to me later, and try to cheat on her
    with me. Who does that? Who manipulates and uses people like that? You
    are low, weak, and selfish.

    I wish you would have picked me. But most of all, I wish I didn’t care
    so much that you didn’t.

    I hope karma gets you. I hope you get what you deserve. I hope she
    realizes what you did, and leaves your sorry ass. I hope someday, when
    you meet the girl you really want to be with, she does to you what you
    did to me. I hope that you never, ever forget about me, and that your
    guilt keeps you awake every night, for the rest of your life.

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