• Stupid people

    by  • March 3, 2010 • Knock it Off • 0 Comments

    Dear Person in Charge of Young and Impressionable Teenagers,

    There is NO excuse for what you did. You terrorized and traumatized my
    beautiful daughter. She doesn’t deserve to be feeling the way she
    does. She has had a tough time in life and has worked so very hard to
    overcome these difficulties. She was making really good progress and
    then you came along and knocked her back down the ladder she has been
    climbing. Who do you think you are anyway? Oh yes, you’re the one who
    is supposed to be leading and inspiring and teaching and loving these
    teenagers. Well, you screwed up. Big time. You need to recognize it
    and make amends and not just to her but to everyone else who was
    touched by what you did. I am so angry and wish I was a man so I could
    take you outside and knock some sense into you. But sadly, I don’t
    think that would make a difference. You just don’t get it. Hopefully,
    God will take care of righting this wrong and she will heal. You are
    really amazingly stupid.

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