• Princess and the Pea

    by  • March 3, 2010 • Knock it Off • 0 Comments

    I am so fricking sick of princesses like you. People who don’t work or
    earn a living. You don’t have to worry about much other than getting
    your hair done and deciding which expensive foods to order from the
    caterer. You have no problem using up my valuable time for your
    incredibly inconsequential needs. Things you could most certainly do
    yourself and much more easily than handing them off to me. And then
    you criticize or complain that things aren’t being done correctly or
    to your liking. Like I should be able to read your crazy, disorganized
    mind. You are such an entitled and ungrateful person. You don’t care a
    whit about others, only about you and your needs. And yet you tell me
    you are so caring and sensitive. Not buying it. I’ve done plenty of
    time with you and I know. Why don’t you get a life and start thinking
    about others’ feelings and other people’s lives, or just the fact that
    we HAVE lives of our own. I have problems too, but I rise above them
    EVERY DAY so I can take care of your hangnails.

    Hate peas

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