• Get out of my life!

    by  • March 3, 2010 • Family Stuff • 0 Comments

    Dear Family Member,

    Why don’t you take your fat, lazy, disrespectful ass & leave the
    family alone?! I hate the fact that I am of any blood relation to you.
    You are nothing special. You are a worthless insect that I never want
    to have anything to do with ever again in my life. You make me feel
    shameful to even go out in public in fear that someone will know that
    you are my relative. You are an extreme burden on our family both
    emotionally & financially. You are part of the reason that my mom
    doesn’t want to attend family functions, she doesn’t want to see your
    ungrateful ass! You are the reason that I rarely see my grandparents
    because A) I don’t want to see you & B) I can’t sit there & hear them
    talk about what a free loader you are, I can’t sit there & watch
    them suffer because of your useless existence. You are the reason that
    they are now in more of a financial pickle (also because of your dad
    too) & also you are the reason that they are having stress related
    health problems to the point in which their own doctor is telling them
    to kick your ass out of the house for fear that they will have a heart
    attack. Grandma and Grandpa are not getting along anymore, which, I
    know that your pea brain has never noticed this, but they never have
    fights. You have a kid, that you can’t stand to be with for more than
    an hour, and are old enough to, I don’t know, get a job, maybe take
    care of yourself for once in your life instead of sitting on your fat
    ass doing drugs.

    Maybe I’m a little bit jealous of you though. No one ever gave me a
    place to live for free, along with food, a phone, 6 cars and an
    endless amount of cigarettes (even though they themselves do not smoke
    so I don’t know why they are supplying them for you). I never got
    praised for doing one 5 minute task once a month. No, I never got help
    with anything. But I look like crap to everyone in the family because
    of the fact that I had my shit together. No one (I guess) felt the
    need for praise.

    Get a f*cking life!

    Love, your annoyed family member

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