• Hot Potato Factory Employee Concern

    by  • March 2, 2010 • Boss • 1 Comment

    Dear Hot Potato Factory CEO,

    This being a hot potato factory and all, I understand that you
    yourself must embrace and embody all that is ‘hot potato’. Be it a
    phone call, an email, a meeting you scheduled 30 minutes ago… all
    must be handled with astute hot potato precision, by you, the hot
    potato master and all-time champion. My concern is that you seem to
    have assembled for yourself a team of like-minded hot potato
    aficionados. This has created an environment whereby lots of potatoes
    get tossed about, but where they end up nobody knows. This has not
    gone unnoticed by our clients, the owners of said potatoes. Other hot
    potato top producers have taken note as well, finding that potatoes
    tossed our way end up lost in our hot potato abyss. Just thought you
    should know – shit ain’t gettin’ done and you reward them for it.

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