• The Ex

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    Liar! That is what you are. You lied to me in the beginning, middle and end. You lied about your past, you lied about stupid, insignificant details and you even lied about your lies. I am SO glad to be done and over with you because that means I am done LYING to myself about all the lies you told me. It is so much better to be without you than to be in a relationship devoid of any real trust. Bottom line: You lied to me, I knew you were lying and called you on it and THEN, you made me feel guilty for not BELIEVING in you. Wow, I was stupid. Honest but so stupid. But now I am free of all your bulls*$t. What a relief….I can breathe again!

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    1. what Judd will soon call you
      June 3, 2015 at 11:23 am

      Funny this letter was originally written two years after the affair, nine years into his marriage, and 5 years too late..

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