• George

    by  • March 1, 2010 • The Ex • 0 Comments

    Dear George,
    You’re a tool if ever I’ve seen one. Be yourself, Man! I’m sure some nice gal will come along who will appreciate you for what you are, but stop trying to mold yourself to please others. That’s one of the many reasons I couldn’t stand to be with you any longer. You try too hard! People hate that!

    And, don’t say your penis is bigger than it is…I have eyes, and it’s average at best. It won’t magically get bigger if you say it’s bigger. That’s just stupid, you big fat tool.

    And another thing. When someone says, “Don’t come to my mom’s funeral,” that’s exactly what they mean. DON’T SHOW UP. But, ya did. (tool)

    I do feel a little bit sorry for you, though. You were in love with me, and it was terribly sad for you when I broke it off, and that sucks. But to not get over it and at least stay in touch on Facebook? That’s a little childish, don’t ya think? Oh, wait, that’s right…your girlfriend “won’t allow it.”

    I rest my case.
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