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    Mary Jane

    by  • March 1, 2010 • Lost Love • 4 Comments

    To my dearest friend and soul mate, Though I left you some 4 years ago, I think about you night and day. You gave me happiness, and I threw it all away for a relationship that tore you and I apart. She said she was cool with you… that the three of us would live

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    Dear Family.

    by  • March 1, 2010 • Family Stuff • 0 Comments

    LEAVE ME ALONE!!! i know yo all love me but let me make my own decisions! I’m old enough to take care of myself! quit pestering me and just leave me alone. if i don’t want to go to church. i wont you cant make me go. I’ll spend my own money on whatever i

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    Your Over Analysis Is Not Necessary

    by  • March 1, 2010 • Knock it Off • 1 Comment

    Dear Duet Partner, Although I think you have a great voice and great potential, you drive me up the walls when we practice. We do not need to block every single movement. I feel like if I don’t reign you in we would end up blocking every bat of an eyelash. Our hour and a

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    This Friendship Needs Clarification

    by  • March 1, 2010 • Friends • 1 Comment

    Dear Friend, I’m not entirely sure if I am supposed to write this. Or send it. But I know I’ll at least write it out to get it out because I am a small person and having thoughts in my head isn’t always comfortable. I’m also not sure exactly what I ought to write. I

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    Dear OBLIVIOUS Driver Next To Me,

    by  • March 1, 2010 • Knock it Off • 2 Comments

    While I appreciate that you have a million things on your mind while you are driving, and thus aren’t paying attention to the important task at hand, I would greatly appreciate it if you would LET ME OVER OR PASS ME. Why must you mirror my actions? I slow down to get behind you… you

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