• Is platonic really the word?

    by  • February 28, 2010 • Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    To all my dear boys: I love you all so much more than I think I’ll ever be able to articulate. You are all so beautiful in so many different and remarkable ways. Whenever I talk to any of you, I invariably smile and fall a little more in love with you…your sarcasm, your light, your slight-but-endearing twist of insanity. I die a little inside when you tell me your experiences of hate and violence, but feel such an intense rush of love for the strength and grace that you bring with you out of all those trials that I often have to remind myself to breathe again afterwards. I hate when you can’t be yourselves, but I love that you share yourselves and your stories with me, and I feel so privileged to be your confidante, sister, and occasional hetero-true love.

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