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    I feel right curt at the moment so I ‘s just gonna straight way say that mind of mine’s content. Les’ or more, either works, the routeen of cancelin’ on person with darn nayer no notice ain’t what be considerd consid’rat. It ventures in the opposit direction of bein’ negatavely consid’rat. what they call inconsid’rat. I reckon cancelin’ do be done from time tah time. It be necesseray on ‘ccasion. P’rhaps even oft’n. Those cases, time seem as it ought be given to the ‘im bein’ cancl’d on. Forty five minutes seem like darn nayer no time to me. Ain’t even ‘nough time to pack lunch. Paid to eat ‘lone that day. Was good eatin’, though.

    There is, ‘s well, that pa’t about the consistansee. New job with mos’ certancy is a nayer spotless reson to divurt plans. So was ol’ job an’ new sc’ool an’ new house an’ family an’ pretty much all things always. ‘t ‘s fine. All ‘mportan’ stuff. Jus’ seems I always am t’h end of the rope. If that’s my lot, I take wit’ a wide grin. However, a littl’ time, a littl’ notice for us down here at t’h end would be mighty pleasin’.

    Thanks for your ears,

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    1. Always Rose
      October 20, 2012 at 2:32 am

      Is this for real? Please, for the love of all that is educated tell me this is a joke….



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