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    by  • February 24, 2010 • Those Gone Before Us • 1 Comment

    15 years old is too young to die. You were so full of life; such a cheery, caring, compassionate girl. Life hadn’t dealt you the best cards, but you loved every moment of every ‘card.’ On my 13th birthday, as a surprise, you took me to get my ears pierced at Claries, and then we had a sleepover at my house. But because you lived so far away, we rarely got to hang out. Before your passing, we had mentioned hanging out again sometime, but had I know your time was so limited here, I would have made the plans in a heartbeat. I’m crying as I write this because I am alive, and you are not. I don’t know what it’s like where you are right now, but I do know that you are missing out on a lot of really great thing. First loves, kisses, first cars, getting married, having your first kid, and many other things that you never got a chance to experience. The saying’s true, and now I know it more than ever, ‘you don’t miss it until it’s gone.’ Even though we weren’t very close, I think about you every day. This is because you taught me a special way to tie my shoelaces, so that they aren’t knotted, but will never come undone. Ever since you taught me, I have tied them this way, and I always will. Every time I tie my shoes, I am reminded of how, even in the slightest ways you aren’t even aware of, you impacted people lives. Like they said in your obituary, you were well beyond your years, and had you lived a full life, you probably would have changed the world. I miss you Erin, and I wish I could have said goodbye.

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    1. A. (@unspoken_word_s)
      March 24, 2017 at 2:28 pm

      This touched my heart so closely. Gave me a reason to see life not so meaningless. 7 years ago someone my age felt the same.



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